Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Started From The Tiny Sperm

Life started when the tiny sperm come out, fight with each other to get into the ovum, and the champion will be you. You are the representator of many of you sisters and brothers to come into this world. They die because of you, because of you want to come into this world more than them, so they die and you survive. So, you should work hard and appreciate your life very well.

Can you imagine how tiny are us before we become baby?

Don't ever under estimate your own ability.

As life go on, people will experience all kind of things in the world, challenges, problem, difficulty and when we success to face all these trouble, we will be a successful old people. Yes, no doubt we will be a happy old people because we left no regret, no sorry to others and ourself, and no much problem left from the past.

The best part is when you old, you are not alone.

Life is just so short, some people have 100+ years long life, some might just few hour after born, or just graduate and get a car accident and die. Life is just on and off. There is no much chance for you to pause and replay like a dvd player. Whenever you still alive, the most important is try our best to do something which is useful and the best part is after you dead, people still will remember you and respect you.

"When dead, you left nothing but your skull,

in which no body can recognize who are you by your skull,

what you left is your name"

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elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Life is short!! Play (dota) more!!! ^_^

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