Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Die With A Dream

When we young, we always have the dream to fly high,
we wish to achieve highest and best,
we still young
"We Can"
After some time,
we getting old,
we die,
we hold our dream when we die,
even if you cant fly anymore,
you will have your own way to imagine,
to see the sky you own it,
you have it before.
Yes, this photo is taken by me, I found it really so meaningful when I see it.
The bird has die right beside a drain.
I expected it too old to fly and fall from sky.
At the last moment it stay on it life,
Yes, the bird see the sky.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Have You See Your Life ?

As life go on,
you will either see others small or big,
the more you explore,
the more people you know,
the more you understand,
Teah, definately you will be the blue.
I feel like a bit small today,
I need to explore more!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

How Far Do You Think For Your Life?

No matter how success you are,
No matter how rich you are,
No matter how educated you are,
You might not really explore and understand fully what is life?
For me, Life might not how you want it to be.
How serious you think to your life and everyone life?
If you everyday work and work, earn money and enjoy life,
You might not really understand life,
How to discover more about life?
Life might be how your thinking toward everything,
as you go on your life,
you will experience alot of things,
as if you really experience it or just day to day and do the same things over and over again.
Slow down your life, you might really miss out alot things happen around,
your parent, your family, your friends, your pet, your every other things around,
lifes go on, you change, they change,
step further and see others life,
Poor people,
Rich people,
We are all same human being, there is nothing to compare with each other.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Colours Of Life

How many colour do you have in your life?
Black and white?
Colour of life simply mean what have you did in your past,
what you doing and your plan in future.
Some people have a very simple life,
Some people never decide for their own life,
Some people paint well for their life,
To let your life meaningful, paint your life with colours,
experience and explore things in this world,
when you die,
Tell everyone, "I have paint my life completely colourful".
Stop dreaming,
if you continue move on with your life
which never bring any improvement and new knowledge.
YOU CAN'T SEE THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN the black and white and the colourful life!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Direction Of Life

What is direction of Life?
For me, I think that is what you have choose and do it in your life for your future.
Do you ever think of your direction of life?

Many of us can choose our own direction of life and there is many direction you can go,

but you never know you on the right track or not.

Some body right some body wrong,

the most important is you have commitment to your life and your direction.

Never regret if you choose the wrong direction.

Even if you have choose wrong direction, you can always reset your direction and go for it.
But, you have to know how many time you still have and is that direction really suitable for you.
No matter what direction you have choose, right or wrong, make sure you leave some good footsteps on it and at least you done something good for it than just waste all your time.

Maybe you always have a direction that wanted to go for,
but you never step out and move forward it.
If you still have time, go for it.
Step it out! Direction of Life is means to be your future !

What is your direction of life?
Is there any direction in your life?
Or just go day by day off?
Time will never turn back! If you have children,
teach them and give them right direction for their life !!

I am always adventure for my direction of life.

Wish me Good Luck !

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This blog is own by me, Crazyfool. The reason I started this blog is actually I want to earn more money from blogging. Beside that, of course I want to share something about life.

Life is a very large topic, and actually the means of life stand for what? I not sure, and I hope we can figure it out together here.

I would like to remind everyone here, everything I write is based on my opinion and there is no prove to be right or wrong. And this is not a fun blog, things I write might be boring, or maybe you get it meaningful I hope. If you want to have fun, is better to read my another blog .

Last and not least, I hope my reader will support my this blog and my old crazy blog, and the best things is introduce to your friend or always come back to visit my blog. Thanks you !

Lets together begins The Means Of Life Blog, and make it Alive forever ever !!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Started From The Tiny Sperm

Life started when the tiny sperm come out, fight with each other to get into the ovum, and the champion will be you. You are the representator of many of you sisters and brothers to come into this world. They die because of you, because of you want to come into this world more than them, so they die and you survive. So, you should work hard and appreciate your life very well.

Can you imagine how tiny are us before we become baby?

Don't ever under estimate your own ability.

As life go on, people will experience all kind of things in the world, challenges, problem, difficulty and when we success to face all these trouble, we will be a successful old people. Yes, no doubt we will be a happy old people because we left no regret, no sorry to others and ourself, and no much problem left from the past.

The best part is when you old, you are not alone.

Life is just so short, some people have 100+ years long life, some might just few hour after born, or just graduate and get a car accident and die. Life is just on and off. There is no much chance for you to pause and replay like a dvd player. Whenever you still alive, the most important is try our best to do something which is useful and the best part is after you dead, people still will remember you and respect you.

"When dead, you left nothing but your skull,

in which no body can recognize who are you by your skull,

what you left is your name"